Immersive ART HOUSE machinima by Hypatia Pickens

Art House from VimPickens on Vimeo.

My friend Hypatia Pickens created this wonderful machinima about the Preferred Family Heathcare fundraising event that many Second Life artists and friends are part of, including me! Hypatia states, “Winter Nightfire, a prominent artist in Second Life, asked me to make this video on behalf of her “Art House,” a gallery she built of artwork donated by fellow artists in a fund raiser for ARTC, “Achieving Recovery Through Creativity.” This organization is devoted to helping children and young adults get free of substance abuse through using their artistic and other creative talents. Winter had a party in which she invited Rosedrop Rust, a prominent musician in Second Life, to sing for those who attended virtually. Brena Benoir of Preferred Family Healthcare built the display of children’s art. Donations in lindens will be given to ARTC for the purchase of art supplies.”

The ART HOUSE project made the Second Life Destination Guide at

ARTC’s Art House

Art House is a major collaboration with 20 of SL’s best artists and creators donating art and decor to a house for ARTC. ARTC (Achieving Recovery Through Creativity) is a real life program that helps kids with drug and alcohol problems use art, creativity and virtual world counseling to recover and stay sober. It’s an incredible body of work for a good cause.

Visit in Second Life


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